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Welcome to 2nd Head

Are you an already successful organisation that's striving to sustain business growth?

If the answer's yes, then 2nd Head can help you.

A change of perspective

Have you ever thought how your business would look if you had the time to focus on strategy? What could you achieve if you simply refreshed your thinking and took the time to plan for growth?

By revisiting business strategy you could:

• Increase innovation and productivity
• Improve employee retention
• Strengthen sales and marketing
• Increase your market share

And you can achieve all of this and more with 2nd Head.

All industries, all sizes

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, SME or large corporation, public or private, 2nd Head’s team of management consultants will help you find the right path to growth. Our business strategy and ongoing consulting services ensure that you...

• Employ the right people and nurture talent
• Improve business culture and align employees with organisational goals
• Deliver effective sales and marketing strategy to increase revenue and brand awareness
• Discover new areas for business growth

In short, we help you aim higher.

Find out more about any of our management consultancy services below:

Plan4growth – helping you revitalise business strategy to enable growth
Plan4exit - how to plan and implement an effective exit strategy
Non-executive Director - impartial guidance and support from a 2nd Head non-executive director
Fund-raising - helping you find the right fund-raising strategy to grow your business
Investment Appraisals – a look at all aspects of an investment appraisal with a particular focus on human capital

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